Monday, April 8, 2013

Yet another successful round of DanceWorks! concluded

If you haven't heard, we held the Grand Finals last Saturday at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, and all the 12 finalist teams that competed that day were fab! Everyone upped his/her game, delivering impressive performances of professional standards. The audience went crazy and so did we at DanceWorks!.

First things first, let's congratulate the winners!

Cat II
Champion: The New Breakers from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Rd)
1st runner up: Freshest Nutz from Juying Secondary School
2nd runner up: Tanglin Motley Crew from Tanglin Secondary School
Merit awards:
Boogie Crew from North Vista Secondary School
Temasek Freestylers from Temasek Secondary School
BR&NEW from Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Champion: Moda
1st runner up: Koolkatz
2nd runner up: Siren
Merit awards:
Fresh Artz Groovas
Forza from Nanyang Junior College

Kudos for a great job done at the finals and stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

The SP team on DanceWorks! 2013

The four of us took some time off to gather at a café by the river reminiscing the times we have been with Danceworks!.
A little more details… Like every other poly students, we all have to complete a final year project aka FYP to sum up our course of study; and for events, we have a cooler term for it known as integrated project (IP). However, unlike everyone else, we took up 2 IP! And Danceworks is our second IP; which also means we have more work and commitment compared to our course mates.

The most familiar question friends would ask us is, “do you regret taking it up?” and we would smile and reply, “We would regret if we hadn’t”.  We must admit that there were times we would feel tied down by commitment; lack of time for us to do other things. But it never stop us from wanting to stay involved with Danceworks!. Over time we learn to schedule and plan ahead so that we will have a well-balanced time for family, friends and Danceworks!.

The most precious takeaways for us are the ones we learn from experiences beyond what lecturers can teach and books or internet can update us.
Through this process we found out that during the event itself, feelings and intuition are the guide to follow. You know, just like when you’re dancing; you only listen to the voice in your heart telling you what’s the next move. So we stop being too overly obsessed with standardization and familiarity, we start listening to ours instinct while at the same time allowing ourselves to discover the path to think out of the box. 

Here’s a quote to end this post,
“it is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover”
by Henri Poincare

Live It Loud
Choreograph Your Life

With Love,
The SP team 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Congratulations to lucky draw winners!

If you haven't heard, we recently held two lucky draws in conjunction with DanceWorks! 2013 - one on Instargam and another on five blogs from which readers have to 'collect' five words. The participation was encourage and we are so thankful for your support in our contests!

All winners of the '15-word Collection' contest have collected their $30 Cathay E! Passes (enjoy your free movies!) and here they are:
  • Lou Wan Yin
  • Wee Poh Hui
  • Teo Yee Chuen
  • Christabel Chou
  • Ng Wen Hui
  • Nur Wahdiah Abd Rahman
  • Carol Chua
  • Tan Sok Chin Yuko
  • Kho Xiao Juan Estee
  • Kim Sim

And winners of the Instagram contest (each will receive a Fujifilm Instax mini 25) are:
  • Clara Liew
  • Muhammad Daris Bin Affendy
  • Steffi

Although these contest are over, do stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page! Also, do continue to hashtag #danceworks2013 on your Instagram photos!

See you all at the Grand Finals this Sat @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

With Love, The SP-DanceWorks! team


This is a special entry to share with you about “US”!

If you have been reading the magazines or pay some attention on the details of the backdrop, you would have properly known that unlike the previous years, Danceworks! 2013 is organised in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic.

So… Here we are! The Four Musketeers …
We are no super handsome guys or pretty girls, but we have been through the highs and lows to help realise Danceworks! 2013.

A little information about us:

Who? (top left corner-clockwise direction) YongWen, Eugene, QiMin and SuHui!

Where? Singapore Polytechnic- Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management (DEPM)

Why? In general, we decided to take on this project because we feel that it is very meaningful and provide a vast exposure of learning opportunity and most importantly, we are just like you all, hunger for new adventure!

So far… We love…

Working with CNB, who are constantly caring and guiding us throughout this journey. One of our many memorable moments is the time we took the train together for the DanceWords activity, as we communicate like friends without barriers.

The best part of this entire journey is really having you guys supporting us in DanceWords and the dance competition itself. We know how cliché this sounds but if you ever have the chance to experience the whole process from planning to execution, we are very certain this is what you guys would say as well.

Live It Loud
Choreograph Your Life

With love,
The SP team

The Final Showdown

Finally after months of dance preparation and undergoing of the preliminary rounds, everything is down to the Grand Finals where dancers, helpers, organizers and supporters gather to witness and celebrate the last showdown of Danceworks! 2013.

Grand Finals (Categories II & III): 6 April 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Show Highlights:

Prepared to be mesmerized by our youngest and cutest Categories I Champions performance!

Don’t be deceived by their small sizes and young ages!
You know how on Aces Day we dressed in our sports shoes and do the workout together? On DanceWorks! competitions we will be ready in our baggy tees and sneakers to move with our favorite beats and dance together like a big family!!! 

With all the practicing and dancing of the mass dance during the preliminary rounds, we believe that this time during the grand final; we are all ready to feel the groove again once the music is on!!
And the MOST important highlight of the day is none other than our dearest top6 finalist from Category II and III.

For Category II:

Tanglin Mötley Crew from Tanglin Secondary School

The New Breakers from ACS Barker

Freshest Nutz from Juying Secondary School

Boogie Crew from North Vista Secondary School

Temasek Freestylers from Temasek Secondary School

BR&NEW from Pasi Ris Crest Secondary School

And for Category III:



Fresz Artz Groovas


Forza (NYJC)

Best of luck to all these 12 teams! May the best one win!!!

We wish you all have a great week ahead and see you very soon on 6April!! Be there early to catch all of them in action!!:D

Live It Loud
Choreograph Your Life

Monday, March 11, 2013

Congrats to all Cat III winners and top 6 teams!

Congratulations to all Cat III winners!

Best Costume Award

Most Supported Team Award
D’Movement (Dunman High School)

D'Movement's supporters 

Best Props Award
Street Stompers (NYJC)

Best Anti-Drug Theme Award

Artistic Merit Award

Best Choreography Award

Best Dancer Award
Jolene from Style Groovas Crew

Top 6
Fresz Artz Groovas
Forza (NYJC)

Congrats to the top 6! Splendid performances!

Grand Finals (Categories II & III) will be held at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza on the 6th of April! 
Do come down and support! It will be from 2pm-5.30pm. 
See you guys then!

Cat III Prelims @ Bugis+

DanceWorks! 2013 Cat III Prelims!

Everyone was busy touching up their makeups, hairstyles, costumes etc. They were all so eager and nervous to make sure they would put up an incredible show for the judges.

Look at the crowd!  

And the competition starts!

All the dance movements were indeed mesmerizing! Some were really good at the techniques, the strengths; some matches well with the themes! 

It was then followed by a special performance of b-boy style!

Of course, lucky dancers have gotten a chance to learn some of the steps from them!

Psychology fun fact: watching others dance will cause our muscles to respond in a way we think we are dancing too! 

So why not join in the dance? Before the results were announced, our mass dance was once again introduced. Everyone who were there for DanceWorks! danced together!

Learn the dance steps! It's very simple.

Let's dance together again on 6 April! See you then! 

Pre-competition at Bugis+

It was so awesome on Saturday! Bugis Plus was filled with so much energy and so much excitement! There were crowds gathered even before the actual competition!

Registration started at 9am.
Shops were not even open then but the dancers were all ready to practise and put on a great show!

Goodie bags for the dance participants!

Some DanceWords session with the dancers.
Positive messages to start off the day! 

Loving all the phrases that the dancers came up with! Dance & NO Drugs!

Also, not to forget to take group photos with our Danceworks! 2013 backdrop!
Show off your swag poses and the team spirit!

Rehearsals began!


Next up, the actual competition!